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Seth Putnam | Editor

Audi was kind enough to host us on a beautiful yacht to watch the Verve Cup Regatta. Unfortunately, Seth had to take a call in the cabin during the beginning of the race.

As the lake rocked the boat back and forth, he was scribbling notes; trying to concentrate on the voice on the other end of the call as his equilibrium and inner ear was going haywire.

However, his predicament afforded me an opportunity to capture him at his best. A professional journalist through and through, no matter the situation he always gets the story.

"Seek the truth and report it, minimize harm, act independently, and most importantly, be accountable.

Cheers, Seth.

a confession

These days, I just don’t feel alive like I used to.


one of the best photosets ever

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Sometimes honesty has less to do with what we say or don’t say and more to do with whether we feel comfortable saying something in the first place. When I ask you if we’re honest with each other, what I’m really asking is could I text you at 3am and not freak you out? Could I tell you about how afraid I am to be intimate with someone and just sort of pretend it never happened? Could I tell you about how I want so deeply to love and be loved in return and then just let it recede into the past like every other past conversation we’ve had? Could we do that? Could we share those words with each other (because sometimes they get stuck in your throat and you have to tell someone) and then just let the tide take them back to sea? There are questions I want to ask you, but they are the ones where once asked they forever change the nature of our relationship. Could I ask them and somehow keep this thing we have going for us?

– "Are we honest with each other?" (via typewriterdaily) Via 94583
GONZALEZ: Infinitely beautiful


i woke up this morning
and i didn’t love
you anymore

i am unchained

i feel like
i’ve abandoned you
like i owe it to you
to love you

i don’t
i owe you nothing
i hope
you wake up
this morning
finally love me
as much as i’ve always
loved you

i (lie) in my bed
and bask
in this makeshift karma

tricking myself
into believing
i really
to be



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